Diabetes Ireland

Diabetes Ireland

About us

Diabetes Ireland is a national charity dedicated to helping people with diabetes. We achieve this by providing SupportEducation, and Motivation to our community. Diabetes Ireland also raises public awareness of diabetes and its symptoms and supports, and funds research related to the causes, prevention, and cure of diabetes.

With our comprehensive support services, education programmes, health promotion initiatives, advocacy programmes, members’ magazines,s and other activities, we constantly strive to provide what our members need to optimally manage their diabetes. Today, our Aims are:

  • to provide support, education, and motivation to people with diabetes, their families, and friends.
  • to raise awareness of diabetes in the community and foster programmes for early detection and prevention of diabetes complications and its burden.
  • to support and encourage advances in diabetes care and research that improves Quality of Life and Standards of Care.

Living with diabetes is not easy! However, with the right help, advice, and support, there is no reason why people with diabetes cannot live life to the full. This is our goal. Each year through our patient education and information services we provide that care and support to thousands of Irish people with diabetes and their families when needed most.

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